UNDER THE WILLOW BLEND - タケウチカズタケ ラップ参加 2014.9.3

01: Willie and Laura Mae Jones
(UNDER THE WILLOW mix)feat. Mamimor a.k.a PAPICO + 韻シストBAND
02: Hard to earn feat. JAB
03: Midnight theme (METROCKRIDE remix)feat. HI-SO, ナイス橋本 a.k.a midnight camp, 雄大 + DJ Kopero
04: Don’t cry to mefeat. ALI-KICK + 韻シストBAND
05: Piano sings (session)feat. 森 俊之, TAROW-ONE + DJ TOKNOW
06: Anti-love song feat. atius
07: REN feat. サッコン, 森 俊之, TAROW-ONE + DJ TOKNOW
08: Midnight theme feat. BESHALIST
09: Anti-love song (session)feat. 森 俊之, mabanua + DJ TOKNOW
10: Ordinary Joefeat. 椎名 純平, Cello a.k.a Massan + DJ TOKNOW
11: Switch on turntable (remix)feat. STERUSS